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A Journal of Impossible Things
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OOC: Exam Results 
16th-Aug-2007 12:18 pm
Granted, other people have a lot more to scream about than I - they have, after all, had the results of their fulls A-Levels - but I had my AS results not an hour ago and ... YES!!! XDDDDDDD

Four B's! Yay! They rule! Where the individual exams are concerned, I got pretty much what I'd expected, and though I plan to re-sit two of them so that I can try and raise them to an A, I'm rather chuffed with myself. Especially Law, I was so sure I'd failed. I'd been hoping to scrape a C! How it ended up being a B is beyond me. 

So, overall, it's good news all around. 

Except for this - 'Are A Levels getting easier?' ARE YOU BLOODY JOKING!? Yes, B's are good but I worked flipping hard to get them you pillocks! Honestly, and these are people who probably haven't even done A-Levels! Not to imply that you have to have A-Levels nowadays but they don't know what it's like and just because we're actually doing well there must be something wrong? They're too easy? I don't bloody think so. That pissed me off slightly, but otherwise - YAY! XD
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